Lance Wicks BSc (Hons)

Kia ora!

This is the personal website of Lance Wicks.
I am from New Zealand and presently live in The United Kingdom. I work in IT, where I am primarily involved in web services ( enVirtua ).
When not at work, I am mainly known for my involvement in the sport of Judo and for the various Judo websites I maintain (,, and many more).
Finally, and far from least, I am lucky enough to be married to a wonderful wife (Sally) and together we have a pair of twins (Cassie & Thomas) who delight us everyday!

Why this vanity website?

I started my first website in the early 1990s on a ihug server from memory, then another on geocities and finally I moved it to where it remains to today in 2007. I have created this website to help me keep the JudoCoach website focused on Judo and to give myself a site for my personal info and projects that are not related to Judo coaching. (that and I thought I really should grab the domain before someone else did.