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Glorifying terrorism & EscapePod. 

Brilliant!!! Thanks Steve, Thanks!
Steve Eley over at www.escapepod.org has just posted "The Sundial Brigade" a story from the Glorifying Terrorism book, which I have a paper copy of.

I really liked this story when I read it, but loved it when I heard it on EscapePod. It was more powerful, clearer, better. Maybe it was my reading ability, maybe it was knowing the story having read it already.
Nahh... it just worked well and was a brilliant listen, thanks EscapePod!!

More importantly it was probably illegal in the UK.
As Steve describes in the intro to the podcast under the UK Terrorism Act 2006 which makes glorifying terrorism a crime.

Again as Steve points out, that means it "might" be illegal to talk about terrorism. So say talking about Nelson Mandela and the actions of the ANC. or perhaps Guy Fawkes? or most of the history of the world!
As they say in "Faulty Towers" don't mention the war! What about all those brave resistance fighters in occupied europe during WWII? Fredom fighters to us but terrorists to the occupiers at the time.

Doh.... I've glorified terrorism!!
The Police shall be at the door . ;)

Go listen to the podcast, go order the book.

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