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JudoGeek Blog - Time for the real world again. Lance Wicks
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Time for the real world again. 

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Well after two weeks in Bath and a week on Holiday in Devon, it's time to return to the real world. I need to get some client work done and more client work in the door.

I have quite a bit of work on, partly stuff I have already been paid for and some that is being done "pro bono" and some that is business development stuff.

Anyway, lots of blogging to catch up on over the next few weeks, not to mention 17,000 words of University of Bath assignments to write.

So, if you don't hear much from me, now you know why.

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Please leave a message after the tone.... 

Hi everyone,
I am now in Bath for two weeks attending the last of my residential blocks for my BSc. in sports Performance (EJU Level 5 Judo coaching course).

As such, I most probably will not be blogging here for the duration of the stay. I will be blogging daily over at www.judocoach.com/blog making the 5th year that I have blogged everyday of my experiences at University of Bath.

I shall also be twittering (of course), so follow me there. Here is a twitter widget:

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Quantity, Quality and Openess in online reputation and Karma of course. 

So... recently I have been spending time in the world of forums (Judo forums) and have managed to engage in a couple of flamewars. :-(

There is a thread in one forum about respecting Judo "high grades" on the forum (or the lack of respect given to them on the forum). The other one I have in mind is one I was/am engaged in where someone else mentioned my insane amount of Judo websites as a reason to give more weight to what I post.

It has had me considering how reputation works in this networked society we live in and within smaller niche communities.

Here's the thing, I respect some people based purely on the content they make available online. For example Cory Doctorow, Bruce Schneier in the geek world. In Judo world Mike Darter, AnnMaria De Mars have the same sort of status for me.

None of these people I have met in person, yet I hold them in a higher regard than many people I do know personally. Why? Because these poeple share a large amount on a regular basis online. They share in terms of Quantity, Quality and Openess.

You have probably guessed by now, but I try to live in a similar fashion. I try to be open and share regularly via my blogs and my podcast. At present I aim to post something online 6 days a week. I try to share in an open way, I use my real name and try and share openly and honestly.

This is not all entirely philanthropic, I've watched "My name is Earl", I am hoping that this is a Karma thing and that if I give away as much as I can, good things will happen.

In the age we live in, and my children will grow up in, I think our position in the world will be more and more driven by our online reputation. Wuffie may be something beyond my generation, but from now on you had better believe that your blog and other online content is how you'll land the next job in your career, James Urquhart is perhaps the example I would cite. I met him several years ago in Minneapolis when he worked for Cassatt, whilst there he started blogging and that lead to him, I think, ending up where he is as market manager for the Data Center 3.0 strategy at Cisco Systems and blogger on CNet.

So... as we go forward, we need to look at creating our online reputation, we should be open online, be honest and transparent. Produce lots of "content" and keep the quality up of course.

This goes for individuals of course, but even more so for organisations. Which brings me back to the flamewars. Most of the criticism I give is aimed at the BJA (British Judo Association), who IMHO fail to produce much in the way of content, they produce very little and not very often and they are far from open and transparent.

They will change eventually, it will hopefully be sooner rather than later; for their sake. Corporations and charities are starting to get a clue, especially in the USA. We see more company blogs, we see companies on Twitter. They are getting the idea, that they need to be open and share content.

For me, I see it now and try to push the vision to people and also organisations I am trying to help, including the BJA.

I am fine, but trying to bring others along for the ride is harder than I expected.

Ahh well... I feel better for sharing anyway. :-)

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ZOMG!! Too Cool! 

That is so awesome, long live the Empire!
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W00T!! Got this email in this morning... s92a is dead! 

I received this email in today from my native New Zealand, it seems that New Zealand will now no longer be the first "civilised" nation to drop the "Innocent until proven guilty" approach to law! Thank goodness!

Hi Lance Wicks, we thought you'd like to know that the S92A has been scrapped.

The Creative Freedom Foundation are celebrating tonight after National's announcement this afternoon that Section 92A will be scrapped, and that they will work towards finding an alternative.

Chris Keall at the NBR reports: "Prime Minister John Key has announced that the government will throw out the controversial Section 92A of the Copyright Amendment Act and start again. Section 92A has been scrapped.". This is fantastic news, and it's great that Prime Minister John Key has taken a stand on this important issue. This draconian and naive law was originally championed by former-MP Labour's Judith Tizard. Now we need to help make some sensible copyright law that will protects artists and well as New Zealanders. The CFF are preparing to take part in this process.

Today is a victory for New Zealanders - artists and non-artists alike. The CFF thanks everyone of you who supported this movement: we couldn't have done it without you!
Further details at

Of course, politicians have a knack of scrapping unpopular things to reintroduce them later when they think nobody is looking so the CFF shall need to keep an eagle eye on the Beehive.

Of course we don't know how much of this turn around is due to the #blackout campaign that got so much great publicity, but lets chalk one up to it anyway. :-)

Thanks NZ for staying just a little bit sane for a little bit longer!

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